tir 4

got it today , just installed and tried it out :smiley: happiness is a thing called tir 4 :smiley:

Good for you m8 :slight_smile:

Whats the difference between the previous trackir system??

i was using tir 1 trooper theres a big difference between them

I haven’t had any of them (sniff) but I understand that the TIR-4 has a 46° field-of-view on the monitor-mounted tracker, while the TIR-3 had 33°. So you can move around more with the -4 and it will still follow you.

I don’t know about any other differences.

There is improved resolution as you go from TiR1 through TiR4, and improved discrimination between the target and other light sources in the room (noise)

It helps old people, in that it cancels the wobble from those old neck muscles…
Not that this has anything to do with me you understand… :wink:

The thing I love about it, is the ability to “lean” out of the cockpit and look along the nose of my aircraft (I can’t do this in IL2 though)

I’m going to be getting it shortly as the reports I’ve managaed to look at, suggest the improved field of view and much smoother tracking… Anything to improve my immersion eh…
And yes, the lack of being able to lean out of my Spit, cockpit open, and taxi to dispersal is something I miss with IL2… great to do it in FSX though!:slight_smile: