Tip on flying the Camel please!!

Lads, any tips really welcome as I’m struggling flying this little beaut.


Walk past it and grab a Pup :slight_smile:

She a beaut I want to tame :slight_smile:

The Pup is well behaved in everything but there’s something about the camel I just like :slight_smile: A wooden racing car with guns or a spitfire with bad habits and an attitude.

Start with less than 100% fuel to get a feal for her.

Always, I mean always start a turn with the rudder.

Yep, rudder rudder and rudder. But not too much!


Any tips on riding a camel ? :cool:

Take a cushion :slight_smile:

Just started reading Winged Victory (thanks Paf:)) with flying officer Tom Cundall describing his first flight solo in a Camel and it spinning on his first left turn, luckily at height. He found it was always sidesliping never able to fly straight, with the powerful but light rotary pulling it to the right. The tail was so heavy that if you relaxed on the stick, she would rear upwards. 30% of the first solos crashed :eek: and he only just got her down.
After three months of hard flying you had either mastered her or were dead.
There’s me thinking how brave these lads were and he feels the same about the pilots before him, in bits of string doing loops.

I found the N. 17 a good precursor to the Camel; the Pup is so very forgiving that it is not the best preparation.

I found I was making lots of tiny inputs on the rudder in a Camel; always a bit on and off and having to be very quick if we got too close to the limit. Rudder before stick every time, but then back-off the rudder quickly before you yaw too much and then a bit more rudder on again and so forth. Vertical manoeuvres require a lot of rudder to keep the thing straight.

There are lots of strange comments on the RoF forums about spin recovery which don’t seem to make sense but might do with the 777 FM; stuff like full back-stick with opposite rudder :confused:

Marsh, if you want, I’ll take you up for a spin or two in the Camel before flying tonighjt.

Would be great, Puff; I tried to look at hosting but have a few issues I need to sort first.

Only problem is that I am not sure exactly what time I’ll be on; will post a bit later on when have more idea and maybe arrange a time? Would Swoop be around as well? :slight_smile:

I tried to look at hosting but have a few issues I need to sort first.

Did you see my replyto you on that??

Did you see my reply to you on that??

I did, mate, thanks for that and sorry for not replying. I plug / unplug my router in to my desktop each time I go online, which means when I entered cmd into the Run menu I did not get the display the website suggested, but a series of power-on / power-off reports. Am sure that’s solveable, but the in-laws have been here the last 10 days and I have not had the time to sit down and check.

Am hoping this weekend I might get a chance.