Time for some recognition

Yes, better late than ever, they say.

Mine is all the fault, I have been considering them so naturally as full T/Os that I kept forgetting about their “official” rank.

Assistant T/Os Walty and Cappe, one step ahead…you have not been “assistant” for a very long time now, its time you join the table with the rest of T/Os :wink:

Thanks for your work, and congratulations.

Congrats gents! :smiley:


Well deserved!
Congratulations gentlemen. We need you.

Congrats!!! yeah!!! :w00t:

Congratulations Cappe and Walty. Two, more friendly and considerate T/O’s you couldn’t wish to meet.

Well done Guys.



Congrats Gentlemen!

Well done chaps! :slight_smile:

Ach so…For You starts the real hard work!!!:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

Grandi, ragazzi!!!Well done!!!:banana::banana::banana:

Congrats and good job!

Complimenti regazzi :slight_smile:

Well done.


Well done lads, teaching others was the most time consuming but rewarding part of my time in EAF, but those trainees keep you on your toes!!

I wish we had the influx in the UK squadrons of old but it seems it’s just word of mouth, let hope Bos (and maybe the new TF CoD) will improve that.

Congrats guys well done