TigerII replacement 1946

This is the E-75, the tank that would have replaced the TigerII had the war progressed beyond 1945. Part of a rationalisation program which was to see many parts interchangeable between different tank models to help speed up and simplify production. The plan was to have an E-10,E-25,E-50(panther replacement),E-75 and E-100. The numbers refer to the weight of the vehicles. All of these only existed on paper and were never built although the hulls and turrets of some of these were constructed( the E-100 shared the same turret as the Maus but mounted a different gun).
The E-75 was to mount a 100calibre version of the 88mm and have infra-red equipement as standard. The bulge on the turret sides is the housing for the rangefinder.

My, thats a long weapon you have RoadrunR :stuck_out_tongue:

Cracking job on that model too :slight_smile:

great stuff RR


I’m sure this tank was featured in a PlayStation game. I thought it was just fantasy. Didn’t realise it actually “existed” so to speak. There were a few other strange tanks in that game as well. Good chance that they were also based on reality then.

Graphics looked like an Amiga but it was good fun to play.

Its not so tough I am sure we could take it out in our I16’s with a couple of cherry bombs…Maybe not ! :eek: