Thursday Mission/Training

Recurring Event for our Thursday Mission/Training

Attività operative standard per il giovedì sera!
Ci sentiamo in TS per la pianificazione e il briefing!

Standard operations for Thursday night!
See you in TS for planning and briefing!

“répondez s’il vous plaît”, French for please reply…

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@51Squadron @41wing

Continuiamo la ripresa voli! Solito appuntamento domani, giovedì 14 settembre!
Ci sono anche interessanti novità da provare nel server 4YA, dove sarà ora possibile selezionare il target da attaccare tramite menù F10 e coordinarsi meglio anche con altri squadroni.

Appuntamento a partire dalle 21 in TS!

Segnate nel post in cima la vostra presenza!

Keep on with the flight refresh sessions! Usual appointment tomorrow, Thursday Sept, 14th!
There will be interesting new features to try on the 4YA server, where it’s now possible to select the target for the sortie, through the F10 menu, and then better coordinate with other squadrons.

See you on TS, starting from 9PM!

Sign you up in the heading post!


I will probably not fly much after 21, not even sure I’ll be able to fly tonight. Missed monday as well. :frowning:

I’ll be in late, from around 10PM!

Same for me, but mainly due to a bit of illness

coming at 21.30 max 22.00

Hope I can make it, still very very hot. Yesterday I’ve flown due to a light fresh breeze, nothing extreme but I managed to fly a bit. Today no breeze at all unfortunately. This is crazy!

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If you want to move somewhere where the heat isn’t too bothering, we’ve had our first frost tonight, I had to scrape the ice from my car windows before going to work…


@51Squadron @41wing

E’ giovedì!!

L’ultima sortita, con due Mosquito e quattro P-51 in scorta, è stata entusiasmante, anche se funestata da diverse perdite!

Torniamo ad aggredire i crucchi questa sera??

Appuntamento ore 21 in TS!

It’s Thursday!!

Last sortie, with two Mosquitoes and four escorting P-51s, has been very exciting, even if marred by several losses!

Shall we go back to engage germans again tonight??

See you on TS, 9pm!



Unfortunately I won’t be online tonight! Wish you very funny flights! :muscle:

No flying for me tonight, simply too tired. :frowning:

Guys i am not flying this evening, it my niece’s birthday, can’t miss it :smile:

Looking forward to a nice mission on monday!!

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