Thursday 2nd of June

Giorno ragazzi!! @51Squadron @41wing

Stasera per chi c’è ci sarà una serata in totale libertà (ma assieme).

Io sono via e non credo di rientrare molto presto stasera, ne ho approfittato della giornata, ma da lunedì torno a rompervi le scatole come sempre :grin:

Due to republic’s day today, many of us will be out with families and friends, free evening for all this evening (but flying together for who will be present) :grin:

Monday i’ll be back on duty a full strenght!! :heart::grin:


Sounds like fun, where do I need to go and what time for some :cut_of_meat: and :beers:
Cheers and have a great day

I’ll be on line

polansky in

No flying for me tonight. I have already spent close to 3 hours on planes today, after getting up at 4:20 this morning, and I just got home, quite tired after spending hours standing and walking in the rain today. Should be back on monday. :slight_smile:

Today I made a “short” motorbike tour (400 km of courves, 7 hours), so i believe for my young age it is enough. I will have a drink with my favourite Talisker, and then I’ll be ready for my bed. See you next time.