Thursday 09/09/2021 DCS training night

Good morning chaps,
this evening i’ll be available for some training. Since we have Ibanez and Joker out of games for this evening, i’ll be able to follow just one person, maybe two, during the evening.

Long time since i last flew with @EAF_T_OldBoy_Rob for some training so if available i’ll fly with him.
Otherwise, i am fully available for other trainees or pilot who needs training on a specific topic!

Of course, we will also get into combat, i’d like to try the new server tested by joker and Havebug last night!

See you guys! @51Squadron


Se riesco mi aggiungo più tardi!

farei volentieri un pò di one on one con qualche trainee o anche pilota esperto:
volo in formazione navigazione e combat uno contro uno…

As said by Cappe, I am the lucky one that flew last with him. Therefore I’ll leave room for others. Nevertheless I’ll be on line and happy to fly.

Io nada. Ho una visita oculistica alle 18 e mi mettono le gocce…

polansky in

Chip In
Vorrei andare a provare il nuovo server Growling Sidewinder

Don’t know if I can make it home in time , so best to help one that is on time, no worries.
Cheers :beers: