Thrustmaster Warthog upgrade\mods\utilities

Brilliant work from Deltaalphalima i’ve just bought from his website, from whom of you is may be interested in, above the link. (two different slew upgrade one is sold out the second one is way long to receive when ordered but for sure it worth the wait)

Hereby the discussion on DCS forum and a link with all the information needed to do it on your own.

Warthog Hotas calibration tools:

Stick extension mod who can be useful for somebody:

Real simulator base force sensor upgrade.

Owners Forum

I still haven’t started using my Warthog as my über-Cougar, but it’s good to have this collected at one point once I start using it and need upgrades. One thing that my Warthog throttle does need is the 3-way switch on the far left of the throttle, it seems to have gotten a beating and only works partly (and the arm is bent). I haven’t come as far as pulling it out and figuring out what to replace it with yet, but I hope it’s an as easy replacement as I think…

From dcs forum pinky switch replacement, here below the thread

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Find it on line, maybe a cheapest way to replace the Slew tiny button.