Thrustmaster and a an all directX button approach

Thrustmaster Combined Full DX Mapping (extending the 32 DX buttons limit)

I am currenly trying a new approach with my Thrusmaster Warthog.
sedenion over at the DCS forum had made a file combination which extends the 32 DX buttons limit to more than 92 DX buttons.

In essense he had made it so much simpler to use all the buttons as well as the virtual buttons :slight_smile: **


…is it working??

Got it to work yesterday, listening to the rest of your guys went flying :cry:
It took a few hours to trouble shoot, but I got it to work. Remember that I am missing a joystick.
The author was very helpful out.
But had also forgotten some of my special modification to my TM target installation. All was solved by backing up my work, removing the TM Target software and installing the newest version :grin:
My biggest problem is myself :smile:
I can’t get enough… DX buttons.
Having lost access to all the buttons on the joystick, I am trying to compensate by get even more DX buttons on my throttle :wink:

Sorry for the delay in replies, but I got swarmed bv life and IT problems.
Due to a combination of rising cost on electricity, old hardware and a virus from and old backup I lost a lot of time.
I had a part owership in an old NAS. With an operating lifetime getting close to 12 years and a 3 disk replacement coming up, I had to find another soluton on a stringent budget. I ended up having to move my my multimedia libery twice due to a clash of appointment. This would not have been a lot of time except for a external harddisk dock which was old and slow…It dosent matter if your backup harddisk has SATA/eSATA if the PC only have USB ver.Old. :lying_face:
I ended up bying a eSATA controller card, but the new NAS does not support eSATA :sneezing_face: Its is the problem of conflicting hardware priorities and available money :hugs:
Moving my old backups infected my PC with and old virus and since I was not comfortable with only quanetine of the shit, I ended up having to do a total reinstall :face_exhaling:

During this I failed to backup my joystick config files :unamused:
The PC is finally running with all the nessesary software, but nothing is configured yet.
Too weeks ago my car browke down. It is running again,…but it is a very important part is missing. The fuelpump/fueltank is hold together with plastic strip while I am waiting for an oversized plastic lock nut to replace the one that broke.

…They say that life only give you the trouble you need…

Ill get back with an updater :saluting_face:

Good luck M8, :beers:

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We are patient we’ll wait!!

but pls try to keep get us upatef little bu little!

that was a lot to take!

Hope you are well anyway!

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Thanks :hugs:

A small update from sunny Denmark :slight_smile:

Car is running propperly again.

During the weekend I managed to the nessary preparations to my flight gear and did a short flight in the Mossi :grin:
Many Bothans…(cough) , sorry wrong movie! Many mossies died to get that flight. All of them during take-off :rofl:
The amount of groundlooping was worthy of a newbee.
I feelt like flying for the first time

I hope to get the curves and the keys sorted out during the weekend. So maybe next week…

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Sounds nice Starfire!
A bunch of guys here (including me) in 51° is developing a good feeling with the Mossie, it will be great to form up and fly some sorties together!

We’ll be glad to share our experiences!
See you soon!

Hi Ibanez

Could you please post a picture of your Joystick curves/Axes setting?
It would help a lot since I lost mine.

we are studying the navigation part too.

Dead reckoning and beacon usage too!

oh yeah! yesterday we did a Low level flying over the Channel from UK to France following the beacon located at Sainte-Croix-sur-Mer (4.2MHz). Bombed some target and RTB safe and sound!
BTW, nice flight guys!


Many juicy stats as well i hope, we’ve done well!