Thrustmaster and a an all directX button approach

Thrustmaster Combined Full DX Mapping (extending the 32 DX buttons limit)

I am currenly trying a new approach with my Thrusmaster Warthog.
sedenion over at the DCS forum had made a file combination which extends the 32 DX buttons limit to more than 92 DX buttons.

In essense he had made it so much simpler to use all the buttons as well as the virtual buttons :slight_smile: **


…is it working??

Got it to work yesterday, listening to the rest of your guys went flying :cry:
It took a few hours to trouble shoot, but I got it to work. Remember that I am missing a joystick.
The author was very helpful out.
But had also forgotten some of my special modification to my TM target installation. All was solved by backing up my work, removing the TM Target software and installing the newest version :grin:
My biggest problem is myself :smile:
I can’t get enough… DX buttons.
Having lost access to all the buttons on the joystick, I am trying to compensate by get even more DX buttons on my throttle :wink: