Three must have Mods for ARMA3

These are must haves for ARMA 3. Make sure you have Installed and activated the latest version of CBA first on the list.

1)CBA, the base for all Mods (Has to be Activated first on list)

2) JSRS2, Sound Mod

  1. Blastcore, Awesome explosions and smoke effects.

  2. Bcombat, Great AI unit Tactics, suppression, more Grenades and smoke.

I’m looking at adding Taosenai’s TMR mod.

Read here:

As well as correcting the scopes, it allows bipod and gun resting.

Keets, I was looking at this one. What turns me off is the fact you are zoomed in without the ability to look outside the Scope view. But I think there is another Mod for Gun resting that I might add, will have to take a look.

Here it is:

Thing is though,if your looking through a scope, you can’t see without shifting your focus. I’ll try it and see how it plays.

I see Iron Front 44 got converted for Arma3, anyone tried it?

No I haven’t. Do you have to rebuy it or does it convert on Steam?

You have to own Arma3 and Ironfront.

It looks interesting, but I don’t have the time right now to test it.