Three-coloured Arrows go UK!

Paging Meako, Onz, Majik (the famous AlfaRomeo Pilot in the RAF!), and all those who missed the EAF “Arrows in our hearts” 2008 Event:

Yesterday, May the 1st, the traditiional Opening Day of our beloved Macchi339-equipped Italian National Aerobatic Team’s Season, a miniTour in the UK has been announced to take place in July.

Our unique 10-plane formation, the only ones who perform all rejoinings staying in sight of public, the only ones who perform the Lomtchovak figure with a jet-engined airplane (just to name 2 of their exclusive features), will attend the Centenary Air Days in Yeovilton, on July the 10th (thanks DanC!), and The Royal International Air Tattoo in Faiford, on July, the 18th-19th. :banana:

Full 2009 program here:


Yeolvilton 10th July:w00t: