This year will not be the usual Christmas

This year will not be the usual Christmas…
Some will be able to spend their family holidays, others will have lost their loved ones and others will be forced to spend it in hospital.
It will not be the Christmas of hugs and large tables, but of respect for the rules and life.
The others, as well as ours.
I would say that this year the formula “surrounded by positive people” is better not to use it…
So let’s settle for a simple “Merry Christmas”!


Thanks 51 for a great night together yesterday, on the eve of Christmas eve.

Great to see you all again, @EAF51_Luft @Jimmi_EAF51 @EAF51_Cappe and meet new members of 51 and guest @22GCT_Ibanez from 22GCT! (Sorry if I missed anyone else in the scramble training I joined).

Thanks @EAF51_Joker for being my wingman in SoW and glad you made the long trip back to an ALG. That was really stretching the Spitfire’s legs. 15 more minutes and you would be a glider. I am sadly an uninvited guest in a poor French farmer’s Christmas celebrations, or interned in a German camp with no celebrations at all. At least all of you got back!

Certainly an unusual Christmas this year. I wish everyone to be safe and have happy holidays as best as you can.

Merry Christmas to you all.


Thx to You Stuntman, it was a pleasure flying as Your wingman. Thx also for the suggestion on how to maximize external tank’s efficency. Now I know that I can tak my Spitfire into the heart of Third Reich’s fortress, bring some havoc and come back :+1:


Thank you for coming in Stuntman Yesterday!! It was a pleasure flying again together.

As for the christmas, of course it will be different, but apart fron RL problems, 51 is concluding a year in great shape, full of new pilots, new trainees, ld pilots coming back, spending lots of hours of fun with many many pilots, and i’m really glad for that!

I Wish only that to be as good or better the next year for our squadron!

Merry christmas all of you chaps!


It’s been my pleasure to meet and fly together, as with all other 51° guys!
And really sorry for the early leave, RL stuff took me away longer than expected!

See you soon mate!
And thank you @51Squadron! Have a very merry Christmas all of you! :blush:

Gabriele “Ibanez”


I absolutely agree with your thinking. To give me a little wish, I gave myself a new desktop with a screenshot that I really like.


Video from our training. @EAF51_Cappe section leader, I his wingman, @EAF51_Joker and @22GCT_Ibanez the element. Who needs coolant anyway?

Great to practice formation flying, tactics and teamwork again after months of studying. Rusty!

At the end I get a direct hit by 88 on SoW and get the loudest bang and scare of my life.