There's a sale on!

For anyone that doesn’t already know…

Rise of Flight Summer sale 19-30th June.

Dear Pilots,

Time flies faster than SPAD XIII, decades pass by one by one, and here we are, about to meet a grand anniversary – the World War I centenary. We all know that a war is always a tragedy and a breaking point in human history, but for us, it filled the sky as WWI is what gave us our beloved warbirds. Talented engineers were born back then in the beginning of the 20th century and they pushed aviation technology forward at a rapid pace that reverberates even today. And now, a century later, we’re still passionate about the very first fighters and bombers which fought over Europe. And luckily, there’s ROF so you can fly and experience some of what these early aviation pioneers experienced first-hand!

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI we are launching a big sale to help those who look for a worthy history lesson. Everything is on sale for HALF PRICE! You’ll find Aircraft, Weapon Mods, Field Mods, St. Mihiel Campaign, Personal Pilot Packs and even the Channel Map are all on sale for approx. 50% off their original price. The sale runs June 19th through June 30th. Be sure to take advantage of this chance to fill up your collection with the items you always wanted at a cheaper price.

The Big Summer Sale starts now both on Steam and here at!


I’ve already expanded my collection by 5 new planes and all mods I have missed.

The only thing I refuse to buy again are bombers and channel map, it’s enough that I have already payed fighters 2 times before I realized unlocks do not carry over to steam account…

I’ve purchased the Channel map, which (in the five minutes I flown it) looks fantastic.

Flying over Dover and landing at Hawkinge (even if it doesn’t have a wind sock)… brings a tear to me eye.:wink:

I’ll probably purchase the FE2b as well and the mods; the Breguet is very tempting… but I think it can wait.


I’ve got channel map on my steam account that has fewer planes, but enough to play with you when you return online :).

As for general MP, it’s not used much, same as mods are not used for very same reason I don’t like this 777 business model in the first place. It fractions community that is already too small, so servers tend to keep it as simple as it gets regarding plane set and maps, and those that do not, are always empty.

But that is entirely 777 fault.

I believe things would look a lot different if they released a game (60$ back in the day), then 2 big expansions (40$ each) and with these cover everything they released so far. Then 5 years after they could have made 2 new bundles, one is all Entente planes and other content for 80$, and same for Central for same price for those not interested flying both sides (Baz for one, I on the other hand love flying any side now equally as planes are very different in look and feel). But maps and other resources should be all in.

Whoever would find this too much money would wait for these sales like one we have now for 50% discounts that seem to happen 2-3 times per year and could get all he needs for 40ish $, price that would be more then reasonable for this little gem until some better WW1 sim is made in future.

Oh, BTW, for those with steam version of the game. Same discount is there as well, 50% on game and every DLC released so far.