The time passes

But the great Mikke remains the same!
(and has not yet turned the 50 mark!!! A kid!)

Happy Birthday Commander salut

The night you made me sweat, to get wings, I still remember, and it’s been over 20 years! :wink: :smile: pilot11


Happy Birthday Mikke!!!

Happy Birthday :tada:

Happy Birthday Sir Mikke

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday! :cake:

Happy birthday!

happy birthday, hope you had a great day

Cheers mate!!! Happy birthday Mikke!!!

Thanks all!
I’m still not the oldest even if I’ve been in EAF since 1999, but by now I’m the longest active (sort of) member. :smiley:


I would suggest changing your nick to Grand Master “Yoda” :grin:

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:rofl: Unfortunately nowdays I’m training way too little to be anywhere near grand master status. “Was master” maybe. :rofl:

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We’re all getting older, but like wine old is better, or is this only meant for women?