The secret of smooth graphics

Dunno if this is any use to anyone, but its produced good results for me.

simply move your AGP aperture size setting to 16 !!

in the BIOS of your board

works a treat in il2 with a radeon 9800pro

everything is just smoooooth dunno about fps

BUT animation speed seems to be loads more fluid

try it chaps !

hmm what was your default bios setting if you remember?


Phil get rid of that Spectrum :slight_smile:

Not bytes I hope or we’ll be here all night

64MB to 256MB

128MB is usually ok


yeah I know the recommended is 128 or a quarter of your system ram.

I have a wacky theory that the lower the aperture, then the more the program uses the video card ram, therefore is faster and smoother

or am I just full of shit

Phil, you’re quite correct that a smaller apature can help.

As I understand it, the BIOS reserves main memory for that graphics apature. Reducing the apature size leaves more memory available for other processing.

The 128 Mb (or whaterver) is the max that the AGP standard allows …
Your max BIOS setting should not exceed:[ul][li]1/4 of main system memory
[/li][li]the amount of memory on the AGP card[/ul]whichever is smaller
(AFIK, this holds for AGP 4, and AGP 8, but AGP 16 may be different)

On my own system, I have AGP apature set one level higher than the minmum I can boot. No special reason, except it gives me the best frame rates with my other video settings

Thanks Painter old chap

you seem to know what your talking about, as ever there is a sea of advice on this.

Ive tried 4 which is the minimum and 8 both seem ok

beware though folks 4 did stuff up my XP install when I tried it

now then what about PCI latency for the audigy2 card some folks say 64 or 96 some folks say 128

any ideas ??