The ROF gods do listen....

Dear pilots!

We present to you Rise of Flight, version 1.034 (United Edition), and it’s change log follows:

  1. Added: Ilya Muromets S-22 added;
  2. Added: Tarnopol (Western Ukraine) map for Quick Mission and Multiplayer mission designers;
  3. Added: Nieuport 17.C1 Russian edition added;
  4. Adjusted: Nieuport 28.C1 FM - “Heavy tail on takeoff” issue fix;
  5. Adjusted: Pfalz D.3a FM - Reduced of turn rate;
  6. Adjusted: Pfalz D.3a FM - Speed increased;
  7. Adjusted: Albatros D.3 FM - Speed increased;
  8. Adjusted: Albatros D.5 FM - Speed increased;
  9. Adjusted: Fokker Dr.1 FM - Speed reduced;
  10. Adjusted: Fokker Dr.1 DM - Increased of left-top wing console durability to high-G loads;
  11. Adjusted: Sopwith Camel FM - Speed reduced;
  12. Adjusted: Sopwith Camel FM - Engine RPM reduced;
  13. Adjusted: Sopwith Triplane FM - Speed reduced;
  14. Adjusted: Sopwith Pup FM - Speed reduced;
  15. Adjusted: Bristol Fighters FM - Climb rate reduced;
  16. Adjusted: Bristol Fighters FM - Roll rate reduced;
  17. Adjusted: Sopwith Dolphin DM - Increased of airframe durability to combat damage;
  18. Adjusted: Nieuport 11.C1 DM - Increased of tail durability to high loads;
  19. Adjusted: Nieuport 17.C1 DM - Increased of tail durability to high loads;
  20. Adjusted: Handley Page O/400 DM - Increased of engine supports durability to combat damage;
  21. Adjusted: Gotha G.V DM - Increased of engine supports durability to combat damage;
  22. Fixed: No particle effects wen shooting a building;
  23. Fixed: the weapon mods file description of the balloon gun of HD 1 and HD 2;
  24. Fixed: Photo missions for Strutter in Career Mode are too rare;
  25. Fixed: Cables in the gunner’s seat of the Roland C.IIa are misaligned;
  26. Fixed: No ambient light flash when firing the Vickers MG on the Strutter and Strutter B at night;
  27. Fixed: AI AAA shoots at “Ghost planes” that have been shot down or de-spawned in multiplayer.

They have issues with the server at the moment…but its a whole new game :slight_smile:

Had the changes in the beta for a few days, I hope they managed to incorporate some feedback… I fear not.

Reduced speeds? How much slower? Can I extend from a DR1 in the SE 5 now?
Can I extend from a Camel and Pup in the Albatross? Or is not really noticeable?
Will be interesting to try it when I get back from my trip. I’ll be back on Saturday if anyone wants to do some testing with me. I will be available beginning 10:00 GMT.

With the pup & camel you have to fight your way out.

I was too much into Elite last few days to even notice this patch. Some awesome news, but one thing really puzzle me, thought that Tiplane and Dolphin were a bit under modeled from what little I read about them. Maybe I just had wrong sources but I was under the impression that both are supposed to be a lot better plane then they are in ROF. Kind of expected some improvement to Dolphins FM. Up to now, you would never see anyone pick that bird, much like N28.

But this is not a big deal, this awesome game just got better, but since it’s last FM tweak for ROF, hoped it would be slightly more changes in it.

I’m also very happy with the revisions although I can’t attest to being an expert on the flight models of WW1 aircraft.

The Dolphin damage model revision has satisfied me and I will fly that aircraft much more now, the only revision I’m a little dissatisfied with is the reduction in speed of the Sopwith Triple, but I need to fly it some more.


I tried this new Sikorski model and it’s good fun :slight_smile: I am so much happy with this new update, it’s like christmas present for me :smiley:

Yeah after some time with it I must say I am impressed. I can’t speak for historical accuracy, but the nerf bat hit hard on Camel and DR1 making their supremacy and ‘ufo’ label history. Anyone complaining about those planes now has no idea how to utilize own planes advantages in areal combat.

Great pilots are still tough as nail in them, but they are far from invincible now in 1 on 1 given you fly a plane of same time period.

Just flew a Camel very badly on New Wings; it runs out of speed quicker now (maybe more like the le Clerget 130hp it should have been?) and seems prone to enter spins spins as a result. Could be just me, but I also had to be more careful with the rudder; right to get it in to a right-hand turn but then off quickly and a small amount of left rudder to keep it stable.

‘Faster’ aircraft are now faster :slight_smile: