The Red Baron - sneak preview

The movie, due out from Germany in April has a website but no trailer yet:

But a sneak preview has appeared on youtube as usual:

This doesn’t look like another Flyboys joke :rolleyes:

Some impresive CGI stuff in there, thx for the link

Looking forward to that, coming from Germany it should be low in dairy produce, unlike Pearl Harbour and Flyboys!

I’m visually lactose intolerent!:stuck_out_tongue:


Great Stuff Joe!

I will get that one…Before “Hell freezes over”

(Just Did.) :slight_smile:

Ty. Joe.

Wow, that looks awesome.
Makes you want to play a WWI combat flightsim :smiley:

PS I don’t think Flyboys was too bad.

Movie trailer makes the film look massively over the top re numbers of aircraft in the sky etc :frowning: Looks pretty cheesy to me action wise, ah well…

The girl sitting in the aircraft early in the trailer suggests at the attempt to shoehorn a love story in it somewhere too…