The Orange Box for 9.99 Euros !!!

From Steam this weekend…Hurry if you want it…Great deal.

that looks like a good offer. But with steam you will download the games legal, right? I would rather like to have them on CD/DVD.

Been using steam now for ages… don’t believe the negative comments that arose when it first came out and that it ‘would never work’ or ‘they will loose all their client base’ blah blah blah etc…
I have had no drama with steam… their help lines and customer services were top notch for any enquiry I made… I’d recomend the site to anyone!

I dont think so anymore.
Steam allows you playing without the DVD, so the DVD doesnt get exhausted, you wont get silly copyprotection software installed etc. and you can always redownload your software patched ready. Thats nice, when you get a new PC for example, just let Steam download the games in the backround and you have not to fuss with all the dvds and patches :wink:
I must say, I like it.

Steam’s very good yes


Thanks Paf.

I already had a Half Life 2 package on steam, so now I’ve purchased this I can give my other copy of HL2 away.

If anyone wants Half Life 2 PM me your Steam ID and its yours.

yes, but if you got the CD/DVD you can put it on display in your closet, that looks more impressive :smiley:

lol… who exactly would you be trying to impress with a games collection??
I have to tell you that women don’t really go for that sort of thing… :smiley:

no, no… I like it very much myself :smiley:

Hate Steam. Sorry, I know I use it sometimes, but I dont like it on principle. And yes, I know Im a dinosaur that`s going extinct.:rolleyes: Just bought EUIII complete… thankfully, not steamified.