The OD Flight Chair Mk I

Ok, so for the benefit of the those of you not on the Whatsapp group here are some pictures of my cheap and cheerful OD Flight Chair Mk I (a salvaged dining chair!!!)

It started as just a trial to test the mountings for the stick:

The stick folds away so that the chair can still fit under the desk, and I can still use the chair when I am not flying - without the stick getting in the way. The mounting was not ideal, however, as it was too low. As a result I adapted the base to raise the stick about 4 inches.

As you can see, this is how the stick folds away and it now has an extra mounting to increase the height of the stick. This cost me all of £3 at B&Q!

Now that the proof of concept had been tested I bought more folding supports for my CH Throttle Quadrant and Pro Throttle:

I have adjusted the Pro Throttle so that it is slightly further away from me as my leg kept on pushing some of the controls while I was using the rudder. This has now been eliminated as a problem. The Throttle Quadrant could be a bit further forwards, but it works well and is very accessible.

The chair was falling apart, so this was my excuse for ‘bracing it’ and then adding to the braces!! :roflmao: Laura looks at me bemused, but just shrugs and walks away these days!

Robust British engineering and recycling of the finest order!

Now you need five more to complete the set. :smiley:

Seriously, if it works for you OD… just don’t go opening that blue buttoned parachute below a thousand feet.