The new ROF early access

Anyone getting this, I’ll be just to fly this in VR and I loved the last ROF. They are also offering a discount if you had the old version (I got $10 off)

Tempted but got the Tank Crew instead.

Call yourself a pilot…:p.

Anyone else going for the tank stuff then?

I’ll get both eventually, not in any hurry, will be well after Christmas

I’ve got it!
It’s great in VR, regarding maps, features and content i hope it’ll be at least close to the RoF…it had it’s soul!

Tank Crew!
You can try out the Tiger and KV1 in the EAF OTU server

Plumped for FC first - RoF was great fun and with an Oculus on the way the though of a Camel in updated glory was too cool.

Will get TC at some stage I suppose. Still first have to figure out WTF is with DCS.

Ed, let us know if you want a dogfight in VR with FC planes sometime. I’ve only just flown them a couple of times.

You bet, skipper. 2nd day in new flat so still awaiting internet. Will have Occulus this weekend so hopefully from next Monday onwards I can get everything updated.

Drifting towards buying the Harrier, seeing as how everyone says its great fun.

Haven’t flown the Harrier in VR, but is the plane I’ve only really got into on DCS. Flying the offline campaign was really fun and brings in all the skills you’ve slowly learnt from your training, watching vids and flying with the lads. I then tweaked the campaign to do it all at night…brilliant fun. Just need a Falkland campaign now and the planes…hopefully coming. Saying that, new components have come out for her that I have yet to fly this summer so rusty as hell. Hope to get back flying next Monday as its darker now for TIR, BoX is setup and DCS updated.