The Hurt Locker (Movie)

The Hurt Locker (2008)

A moie from director Katherine Bigelow (Point Break, Blue Steel, Strange Days, Near Dark, etc.). She is a female director that makes movies like a man.
The Hurt Locker is the story of the US soldiers in Irak who work with IED.

The judgements on the movie are quite controversial, but I believe it desreves to be seen, particularly by those who has been “in the box”. They only can really judge the movie. Anyway, for TIME magazine it is “a near perfect film”:,8599,1838615,00.html
Noter: the above mentioned link is composed by two pages: mind to read both of them)

My personal opinion: the movie shows how in Irak today is easy to die. Living every day life is much more difficult. (I would like to ear Arturo’s opinon, if he watches the movie)

Well. you can find it here:

Great Movie! Loved it even if it’s a hard one!

Bigelow is definitely one of my best directors :slight_smile:

I saw it… great movie for sure, but there is not really a storyline. Not that it matters… in real Iraq there is no story line either.