The cone of Death!

Hi Chaps, just seen a Battle of Britain documentary (weapons of war) on a Sky channel. They interviewed a BOB pilot, which he explained that they changed the gun convergence of the Spitfires to a cone shape.

the settings are:
gun 1 and 8 set to 400 yds
gun 2/3 and 67 set to 250 yds
gun 4 and 5 set to 200 yds
Please let me know if you have heard of these settings and if it really is the Cone of death!!!

I believe that is similar to the Stuntman loadout. I think a few people use a similar setting, but I keep all of mine at 200m for the concentration of the firepower. It means I have to be a bit more accurate and get in close though.

well it’s like a shotgun
higher probability to hit with less power…

IMHO it’s a very personal matter
good shooters that are disciplined and shoot mainly at convergence should keep all in one spot…
but average shooter could benefit from such a setup!
also it allow to try some snapshot from high distance…

if you are into this check this in the wiki
and this doc

and there’s a really good excel doc made by Philstyle on SOW forum!

PS how are you Pine? It’s a long time we don’t fly together!

Hi Jimmi, i have not been in the best of health, i think i have lackofstormofwarrightus! apparently its very serious condition. i have tried to cure it with CLOD Axis & Allies medicine but the E-4’s are just a pain in the neck!
I am not sure where everybody has been flying but i have just flown on Clod but i am lasting a lot longer in duels now!
Just waiting for SOW to start but i always check to server to see if anyone is on.

As Jimmi says it’s a personal thing, change your convergance to these setting at save it, try it on/offline and see if it works for you. Remember when you set it in the UI it’s in metres, you need to convert it to yards on you sight. IE 365m = 400 yards


Thank you for the advice chaps, i think i will try to adjust the settings a bit as i did try it yesterday but like you said its hasn’t much stopping power!
Hope to see you in the SOW.