The bridge at remagen movie

Yesterday wathched an old WWIImovie the bridge at Remagen

and itwas not bad!

Later i found this nice description of a P51 intercept mission over that bridge!

I remember there was a pretty blood who got her kit off as well :smiley:

I think it was the first war film I saw which showed Allied / American troops tired, frightened and fed up; when I was 8 I did not realise that even the winning side could get so ticked off by war.

I think I’d be pretty ticked off if I were an infantryman.

and if I got my kit off I think the whole world would be “ticked off”


I think Id be the one selling stockings to lonely widows

actually this reminds me of a couple of WWII related funnies.

I remember a lad at school who boasted that his Grandfather had been a “Black Marketeer” in war, like it was some special unit or something.

I also remember one about an infantry unit in france who were lost , one was dispatched to find a road sign and shouted to his colleagues that he had found one, he said ""well apparently we are in a place called Actung Minen, does sound very French to me.