The 41 no show thread!

Time för a common 41 Wing no show thread. Post here if you are unable to attend for some reason.

I’ll start off, I will be unable to fly this week due to broken joystick and very busy schedule. Hope to be back in air next Thursday provided I’ve been able to fix the joystick…

Status update, joystick still broken, haven’t had time to look for the springs needed to fix it, should have a couple somewhere, but don’t know where due to two moves since I got them. :frowning: But, the big competition is now over, so I might actually have some time over to look for them before Thursday, other-vice I have to order some new ones, luckily I know what exact type works now. :slight_smile:

I’m doing some real flying, so no time for virtual flying this week. Then off to Peleliu for some wreck diving. Should be fun.

Are you looking for EAF wrecks? :rolleyes:

Got a rotten sore throat and a banging headache so don’t feel like doing much other than lying down. Have fun lads.

Due to work in the evening I won’t be around on monday 6th and thursday 9th :frowning:

On the other hand when I return I hope to have my new rig up and running :smiley:

I couldnt fly today but I hope I will be there on thursday…I fear, i will get rusty with such a long break…

Good Luck for all


No flying for me tonight, just got home and no time to fly…

Not sure, but I’ve been tired all day, so I’ll probably miss tonights flying.

Out of business for now.

It seems that my power supply has died. No life at all. And some sparks when I pushed the physical switch off an on. I hope no other parts are fried. I am on my old PC now so I am going back to old games from before IL-2 CLOD and ROF. I have to talk to my brother in law about the warranty. Coolermaster now promises 5 years. 3 years and 7 months is a bit short.



Hope you can get it fixed soon Bob!

For myself I will not fly tonight (going to summer house over the midsummer weekend, doesn’t feel at all like the middle of summer here though).

No flying for me tonight. Off to the cabin over the midsummer weekend.

Bad luck there Bob :frowning:

For the nordic people, I hope for you nice weather and an enjoyable weekend :slight_smile:

Summer only officially started here on the 1st of June, if it the middle for you, when did it start? You all seem to have cabins or summer house is that the norm over there and did you build them yourself?

Ikea :slight_smile:

Midsummer (midsommar in Swedish) should be celebrated on the Friday closest to the longest day in the year (on Sunday I think it is).

My summer house was moved to its current site in 1877, a bit before my time. :wink: But most of the inside I have been involved in, at least as spectator.

I’ll probably miss flying tonight.

Working late this week Lads, hope to be around next week.

The power supply is on its way. I hope to get it on saturday as i am off to work and BBQ tomorrow. See you later as it looks like holiday on TS.

Summer is really starting now, I’m working a couple more days and then it’s vacation for 5 weeks, I might fly next week, but after that it’ll take until mid August at earliest most likely. I will still read the forum now and then, but not daily.