Thanks for hosting OD!

I’m really starting to like the F-86, just have to remember how to and to change my loadout. :slight_smile:

Tried 1.5.4 beta a little yesterday before flying on OD’s server, can’t say I noticed any huge difference, biggest thing was that I can’t look behind properly in it. If I look as far back as I can and zoom in, I can only see as far back as the wingtip on the F-86. Probably correct if you’re strapped down tight in your seat, but felt a bit weird.

No problem :slight_smile:

There is a thread about Track IR issues with the beta here
It’s got to quite a few pages, and I’ve only just started reading it, so not seen a fix yet. I’ll let you know what I find. Some people are reporting it with the Vive and OR too, but I’ve not had a problem. I can say that it is hard to look much further back using OR.

I think the beta is aimed at more background stuff and VR support. The mission editor gets a lot of work, but I’ve not tried it out yet. I think they’re trying to get it up to date more than anything. There have been updates to some of the flight models, but I don’t think the F-86 was one of them as I think it’s finished now :slight_smile:

Here’s the fix :slight_smile: