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Had a problem on another forum of the same type, need to see if it works here.

Nope, this forum software officially sucks.

Are you shooting with pistols?

Yes! Pistols, including revolvers, rifles, shotgun (not that much), bow and arrow (made a comeback this spring after close to 30 years), but I only compete with pistols (quite a bit) and rifles (just a little for fun a few times per year).

Ok, the picture did eventually show up, just took a really long time for some reason.

nice. i compete with pistols too… i’ve got also a rifle but i never shoot with it. nice to have a colleague here… :smiley:

Oh, what type of pistol shooting do you do?
I mainly compete in PPC, but also Swedish pistol field shooting (without corona 3-6 times per year), and sometimes IPSC (though often several years between each match for me) on occasionally plain old 25m bullseye.

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For me olimpic and/or barebow

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Airsoft only… :roll_eyes:

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Nice. I compete more in air pistol 10m and 25m pistol PGC (like olimpic disciplines). But only once i was close to go to national competitions. This year i think it was the worst of my “career”… :joy: but definitely i like shooting!