I’m not sure anyone will understand you when you write phonetic danish. :wink:

The time you use everytime everybody wrote something in the Test section would be more productively used on upgrading the forum or flying BoX :smiley:

Right, I could do that in 1 minute, at work. :wink:
Instead I’m going to add a picture from my phone.

is the forum able to retireve and host images now?


Yes, that’s a picture I took and uploaded from my phone. Can’t say it was a totally smooth experience, but it worked, and this is on vBulletin 4.

I solved the failing picture handling probably a year ago, some of it was due to a mistake in the setup of the forum between PHP/MySQL and vBulletin, but there was also a second problem that I can’t remember what it was at the moment.

I just have to test the other way of adding pictures, I think I have used an unnecessarily complicated way actually.

Well, maybe not exactly the way I would have wanted it to work…

the pictures are nice tough!

will it work here?

Yes, if you do it right it should work. :wink:

Press edit on your post an you will see that you have a mess of nested code. Remove all the color definitions and it should be fine.

Ty Mikke!
i didn’t saw the code mess!

If you’ll make it work straight without editing the attacchment thing…
…may be i’ll stress you less with Discourse!