Temporary runways .. how to get planes on ?

Hi all.
I am building a mission, and I have built the concrete “test runways” were I want them, but when I select a flight and click take off, they either crash when game starts, or appear on the grass.
Anyone know how to sort this ?


Don’t have to set it as a target like carriers do you?

Starting to think that one of my patches didn’t take completely. I’ve got all the new lights, smokes etc… But I don’t seem to have the runway object in QMB. What Object Number is it?

Ah … you might have hit the nail on the head … I will try that tomm… err… later today PeeGee, ta :slight_smile:

They are in the stationary ships list m8, right at the bottom.

Thanks for that, Majik, found them now :slight_smile:

Setting them as a target works, just like the carriers. In fact, they seem to be an adaptation of the ship model, need to release chocks.

And avoid falling off the edge when landing :o

DOH! I was after those runways last week but thought they had been removed in the patch, well at least they put them in an obvious place, ‘stationery ships’ :rolleyes:

The best way to use them, it seems, is to place a series of test runway 3 to form a large field and then replace them all with runway 4. After that, human players will need some visual ref to show the edge of the ‘field’ for t/o and landing.

Oh, and according to Ubi forum, 20-25 is the max limit or the game crashes :slight_smile: