Team Fusion new patch & news

As you can see, the team remains busy working towards the v5.0 release and today, we have the exciting news that we are able to release a further patch which addresses more bugs and adds some enhancements. The list of changes is as follows:

  • Fix for 1080Ti cards not loading correct texture mipmaps
  • Revised 4.5 quick missions
  • 109s have now the historically correct two radiator circuits
  • Fiat BR-20 engine control levers numbering texture has the “7” and “6” reversed
    Bugtracker #759
  • Spitfire Mk I, Mk Ia, and Mk IIa: Wheel brake lever now animated
    Bugtracker #556
  • Extra (wrong) contrails removed
  • Hit to the right water radiator damages the left water radiator
    Bugtracker #527
  • Beaufighter cockpit glass glass more transparent for pilot and observer
  • Gladiator enhancements to its external model
  • Hurricane control column chain animation corrected
    Bugtracker #1045
  • Enhanced English field textures
  • Disabled ‘Antropomorphic Control’ so it is now always off
  • Aircrafts of air groups marked as scramble (Full Mission Builder) now start with pre-warmed and running engines. To prevent planes (especially Spitfires and Hurricanes) from already rolling on spawn-in, chocks are initially set and a message is shown in the info window. Black smoke initially emitting from engine disappears immediately on removal of chocks (graphics fix for a later patch)
  • Fixes to enable track record compatibility between game versions
  • Oxygen tank damage now in effect
  • Removed vehicles from plane select listing
  • Smoother grass rendering
  • Weapons/smoke effects revised
  • CR-42 aileron wire animation bug fixed
  • Ju-88 Bottom gunner: annoying moving dot removed from the cockpit
  • Most of the bombs now have skip bomb effects on water (the two types that have not yet are SC 50 and GP 40lbs)
    Bugtracker #1110
  • Trim Wheel Animations in the Spitfires fixed
    Bugtracker #1112
  • Spitfire MkIIa now with correct, enlarged radiator


  1. As usual, please be sure to delete your cache file (in your ‘Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover’ folder) before running the game again.

2. Unfortunately Avast and AVG Antivirus (and only those, belonging to the same company) have repeatedly and falsely considered Cliffs of Dover’s Launcher64.exe as a possible virus. There’s nothing we currently can do about this. If you are using one of the two and are having trouble starting Cliffs, please set the Launcher64.exe on their whitelist. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy it.

For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations,



How many years late are they now? I won’t be touching it.


Secondo me, in quest’anno, a ottobre 2018 erano in alpha v. 2…forse anche tra due settimane :joy:

The’re going to implement VR as a priority after 5.0 comes out which would be worth a look alone. It might even run pretty well. If the usual CLOD suspects have a go flying it, I’ll have a play.

Flying Cliffs after some time in DCS is like taking a step back in time. I’ll try the new mods as it would be nice to see the trim wheels and brake lever moving at last.