T/Speak push to talk on throttle button ?

I’m trying to select a push to talk button on my Saitek X52 Pro throttle ( e.g. button 7 ) but no matter what I do from the T/S options/settings/select etc it will not use any button I try to select for push to talk. I know Trooper also has the same problem with his selection as well ( not the same throttle )
Any help guys? Mags and the grumpy old fart :wink: would like some help.

Can you set PTT to a key combination on the kb, and then emulate that key combination on the throttle?

Very strange, I use the mouse button in the X52 pro throttle without probs.

Are you sure the key you selected is not used by anything else?

I did it like Mikke said, use a keyboard-button and assign the button to your throttle in the saitek software, no problems.

thanks guys I could assign key stroke(s) to throttle number but I don’t know how :o

got it set to mouse button on throttle yipppeeee !!

I am not really into the Saitek (my brother got one), but if it work just a bit like the Cougar I have a qualified guess why it does not work.

Buttons on a joystick are seen by windows as something called DirectX buttons. Most games have been made to translate directX input into commands in the game but TS might not.
In a Cougar a button are by default seen as a DirectX button until it have been assigned a keystroke. I would guess that the Saitek works in allmost the same way.


I use a little program called joytokey.

Heres the link, great little program.



Good find Nitrous, works great.

I used the pinkie switch as the push talk button. But I had to update the programming software (because of Vista 64 bit) and now I can’t program the pinkie switch anymore. It just says “latched” and it won’t take key commands to program.
I could program another button off course but i’m so used to the pinkie switch tat I would like to have it back.
Can anybody help me with this?

When I try and create a new profile I get the same thing s/w version 6.0.10.

I downloaded a profile for IL2 for my X45 and this allowed me to program the pinkie, so maybe search around for an X52 IL2 profile or ask on here.