Switching tool and files.sfs Download

Ready to go JSGME.exe
Ready to go JSGME.exe “Mirror”

Install instructions:
Update IL2 to 4.05m (PE2 addon)
Unzip both the JGSME.exe and the folder “MODS” into your main IL2 Sturmovik (PE2) folder.
Create a desktop shortcut to JGSME.exe

Thanks Brigstock!


thanks mate S!

Brigstock I’ve installed the Pe-5 in my C:\etc folder but before I did that I copied the folder over to my E:\ drive

I can do the switch-thing signing on at HL I thought - where you point HL at the executable’s folder?

Bit of a pain it might be so I’m wondering if this switcher you’re using can save me having to re-logon at HL so it finds the right executable?

If that makes any sense. And I wish I’d waited to see your tips before installing it yep :slight_smile:

I’ve deleted all the Booty stuff. I bloody hope :slight_smile:

Thanks mate


Checked sorry more info that started me off :slight_smile:

I did what you suggested in your original post and the cog is in there and the MODS folder (on the C:\ drive) but when I run the cog there’s nothing in the two windows… nothing listed

Hmm in the E:\ copy I see IL2 4.04 in ‘available mods’ on running the cog

And the il2-pe2.exe is in the E:\ version, and there’s also an \IL2 4.04 folder with files.sfs in there

In the C:\ version there’s only a Backup folder and an ini file - no Pe-2 executable…

Gordon Bennett. I’m begging here mate I’m in a right state by the look of it but what to do that’s the thing - I futsed up didn’t I bigtime :slight_smile: