Sweet FX and TF Mod?

Just wondering if anybody still uses the Sweet FX mod after the TF mod came out?

I get a minor performance hit with Sweet FX but I’m not sure if the benefit of Sweet FX is necessary now that the TF mod has improved things.

What I would like though is to find some nice settings within the Nvidea CP that allows for at least a little bit of AA. I’ve turned the ingame AA off and use ‘Override application settings’, 2xSGSS and FXAA allowed. Not sure that these actually do anything though.

Anyone had any good experience with other settings?


No performance hit on my side using it. It’s still necessary for me due to the lack of AA. I really like the additional desaturation as well, even with the change in palette that the TF mod brings.

ATI here though, so my settings are as much use to you as tits on fish. :slight_smile:

Thanks Keets, after a lot of experimenting I think I’m at the sweet spot for my system with a relatively dated vid card. Looking forward to an upgrade in the not too distant future I hope. I really like the ‘sharpening’ option in SweetFX it really does what it says on the tin.


I just wish Sweet FX didn’t crash my game

I use plain old FXAA, but it doesn’t have the nice GUI that Sweet FX has.
FPS looks the same and the pre configured install I have does the job of tarting up CoD nicely for me.
…But I would like more options :frowning:

Can somebody post their settings please, I want to try this again in COD and see in game what “you” think is a good.

Then I can tweak if I don’t like it :slight_smile:


I’ve binned SweetFX again. I had a solid lock up three times in a row at the same point in one of the RAF Redux campaign missions. Tried it without SweetFX and no problem at all. Shame really as I really liked the way the cockpit image was ‘sharpened’ with SweetFX.


That’s you, me and Splash that all get lock ups with SweetFX.

I’ve reverted to FXAA, I’ll post my files later.
Give them a go see how you get on.

Try these WB


I drop the files into CoD with JSGME, they’re set up with Les Neutral 6

You can drop them in as is or use one of the other zipped presets includded