Suggestions on buying a laptop?

As I’m going to move and probably do some traveling I’m seriously thinking about getting a laptop. I don’t intend to use it so much for playing, although I might install some shoot-em-up of some flavour just to have something to pass time with, but mostly it will be used simply for surfing and reading mails etc. and watching dvd’s and perhaps even TV for a while. Anyway, if I go through with it I will try to keep it on the less expensive side.

What I’m looking at (in a very relaxed way) at the moment is or perhaps

Is there anything special I should watch out for? Any reason not to buy a Asus laptop, or to look at another brand instead?

As to monitor size 15,4" is good enough for me, I could perhaps go smaller, but the prices seems to be at least as high (or higher) if I look at smaller laptops, probably just because they are smaller. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would prefer to get Vista Home Premium instead of Basic, but that might just be case of looking to much at MS sales pitch. :wink:

Any suggestions or insight is welcome!

Edit: I might just ditch the laptop idea and simply build a new stationary, but I have to look into that more before I make the final decision. I would rather wait until BoB is out before going all out on a new stationary… And the big thing, I would want to have it on monday! :o

All much of a muchness TBH, if you are on the move look for one with the longest battery life, as long as you have a reasonable CPU/mem and HDD space then it should be fine.
Personally I would steer clear of celerons, but any reasonable intel or AMD cpu will do.
I am with you on the spending thing, no point spending a lot as they become obsolete very quick as so little can be upgraded.

If you want vista, I wouldn’ t worry about upgrading TBH, not unless its very cheap, the basic will have all you need for general use.

Ok, very early this morning I ended up ordering this. Had problems sleeping, woke up around 5 am (after having gone to bed around 02:00 :rolleyes: ), and decided to finally do it.

The last 3 weeks I have been dragging my normal stationary to and from Strömsund, gets pretty boring carrying it up and down the stairs every weekend. :roflmao:

I have also gotten myself a wireless broadband connection that should be faster (and cheaper to use a lot) then connecting through the mobile phone like I have a couple of times when in Strömsund. I might try to fly on it as well, but I don’t have any high hopes for that.
A new stationary is still in the plans, but I will wait a wee bit longer before I go ahead and build that one…

Eeeek ! thats in SEK ?

Yup, very much so (SEK).

I looked at cheaper alternatives as well, but all of them would have me end up with something that definetly isn’t something to play on. Either too bad processor or too slow graphics. So I ended up a bit more expensive then I had planned, if it was worth it remains to be seen. :rolleyes:

I did look a little at a 17" laptop as well, but that would take it a bit too far towards beeing a stationary replacement, and that wasn’t my plan. Also looked at a 14" HP that did look pretty good, but was quite a bit more expensive for very similar specs. Once I buy a new stationary this will be my travel and bed PC. :stuck_out_tongue:
I did have a Acer alternative as well, slightly more expensive, with a T7300 and a X2500 instead, but I read a lot of opinions on Asus having higher quality then Acer. If I ever get really wealthy I might examin those opinions closer. :smiley:

Oh, and my credit card company phoned me up some 10 hours after I made the buy, they wanted to check that it was actually me that had made the purchase as it was made at a bit strange time. :roflmao:

Good performance from them I think. :slight_smile: