Substitue for a Yorktown-class carrier

I my comming seow carrier mission the historic raid was carried out by the Yorktown-class carrier Interprise CV-6.
There was made three Yorktown-class carriers:
[li]USS Yorktown CV-5 (1934)
[/li][li]USS Enterprise CV-6 (1934)
[/li][li]USS Hornet CV-8 (1939)

For some reason the Yorktown-class is missing in IL-2

Instead we got the Lexington-class
[li]USS Lexington CV-2 (1927)
[/li][li]USS Saratoga CV-3 (1927)

and the late Essex-class, comissioned in 1942 and forward.

Looking at pictures the Yorktown-class resembles the Essex-class.
But numbers states that Essex-class is wider and longer, just like the Yorktown-class is longer than the Lexington-class.

Any opinion is welcome