Stormof War DCS Thursdays

Hi all,

Phil is hosting a Storm of War mission in DCS tonight from 19:00 UK local time (20:00 for most of the guys in Europe). I’ll be on from 19:00 not decided whether I’ll fly the Mustang or the Spitfire…have to say I didn’t enjoy scrapping in the Mustang last time, despite the kills, but at the same time I know the Spitfire is too slow to catch the German aircraft. Anyway, with it being an Allied attack mission it gives us options, from escort to attack missions.

Anyone up for it?


Should make it!

but i have some random crashes…

Would have been If I saw this post yesterday…:rolleyes: OD, is this on the Normandy map?

It is, but we had hosting problems. Not sure what’s happened but it wouldn’t work for Phil or me. We’ll work on it though.

Shame about the problems as it would be good to get some focus on a Thursday and a good excuse to relearn the Spit. Enjoying the BOS one especially in VR.

We ended up going into Burning Skies. We had some really good fights. It was still a good night. I need to know whether my hosting problems are as a result of replacing my router or whether it is something to do with Phil’s mission. I don’t think it is this router.