Storm warning

Looks like we have a proposed delivery date

(They will have to change that cover!)

In the UK (Europe?) October and search Games Storm of War

And in the US January

2 weeks, be sure :wink:

Great to finally have a delivery date.

…but that cover is…ugly…they really nead to get another one, they had great ones from IL2, so why have their creativity gone down to the most lowest level? For poeple who have never heard about this game, will probably think its bad because of bad first impression on the cover…

Myself got a bad feeling when I saw it.

As Public Enemy once said “Don’t believe the hype”

You can’t put any relience on a date given by I’ve had it on pre-order from them for around 2 years now. There is always some sort of due date written there, made up sometimes I wouldn’t be suprised to find!

The game isn’t even beta, let alone gold. October very very optimistic

CD ROM? Must be a 20 disk Download:rolleyes:

Mayday Mayday


ok letz bet october 2008 or 2009?