Storm of War WW2 Mission test: Friday 22nd June (Tomorrow)

Hi all,
Phil intends to have is SoW server back online tomorrow night with a WW2 mission in Normandy. All WW2 aircraft will be included, so a good chance to get up in the Spitfire! I think it is unlikely that I will be able to attend; all depends on Laura as we’ve not got the girls.

More info here:

On midsummers eve no less (about the biggest holiday in Sweden after Christmas)!

I might actually make it on tomorrow! :banana:

That was proper good fun! Reminded me a bit of flying CoD Storm of War, although quite different time of the war, this time it was our bombers coming in to bomb the germans. :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t make it. We went out for the evening. I’m really hoping to get back online next week. I want to try out the Spitfire with a payload.

Must admit really enjoyed it, even though I got kicked once the rest of the flight was good, apart from my shooting, but more practice and I will get there, Phil is going to tweak the mission a few times, that means we can have the same mission running, but slightly different versions of it, which sounds good to me, and a blast to fly along side 6 B17’s with th cockpit open


I wonder if it’s something to do with phil’s connection? You only seem to have that with him hosting - plus people mentioned the lag-spikes again. I might offer to host one night, see if there is a difference.

No, I think Red have had problems with me hosting as well IIRC.

I heard others complaining about lag, but at that time I didn’t notice any lag (but I didn’t have any other planes in visual range, so…).