Stasera 27/12... Voli o attacchi a terra?

Per chi c’è stasera voliamo o ci facciamo un HLL. Io ci sarei dalle 21 fin verso mezzanotte.

Poi ci vediamo con il nuovo anno!

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Yeah! Vedo di tenermi libero :sunglasses:

Io ve lo dico… Mi farei un’oretta di DCS a provare le novità sui warbirds e a spolverare le basi :relieved:
Poi defaticamento con quello che ci pare!

Poi vabbè, lo sapete che mi adatto (di solito) :joy:

Negativo io non ci sono

Sei un puzzone

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polansky in

mi piace… provo ad esserci!

Shardana in!

Uè tra 15/30 min arrivo!

Sono a rappresentare l’EAF al compleanno di cappe… è un lavoro sporco e duro… ma va fatto…


Oh, prima di tutto mi scuso per i problemi vari col mossie* e le perdite di tempo. Devo dire però che poi la navigazione BBQ e l’attacco sono stati piuttosto divertenti! Grazie per la missioncina!

First of all, my apologies for my issues with the mossie and the loss of precious time. But then, I must say that the (very) low level navigation and attack were damn funny, indeed! Thanks for the mission guys!

*: I think I’ve found the problem and it’s related to the “spikes” issue I suffer with my throttle’s axis. I’ve brake axis set on a throttle rotary. When I’m inside a certain range with main throttle axis, the rotary spikes to its max value due to hardware wear&tear. This matches with null brakes input, since I set it inverted. This led to a total loss of brakes input at low throttle/low speed setting, when it’s more needed cause of low rudder authority. That’s it: I was trying to go gentle with throttle, but that was actually the worst thing to do. With full throttle in I would have been outside “spike” range and would have had brake control back. I know that all of this is quite boring for all of you but I love when sim stuff comes so close to some NTSB investigation! :joy:


È stato un bel volo ieri sera su dcs!

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try it again 2-night :+1:

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Yeah, I will!

At this point, knowing it was not a torque problem, I’ll push beyond “spike” area very quickly and it should go smooth as it always did!


If you guys want we can try it again tonight with a different approach, i’m gonna think of a good plan

I’m not available tonight. See you next year! :laughing:

Sorry Roman, I was flying but read this now only :slightly_frowning_face:
I wanted to try again with Mosquito anyway, and yep, it works. I’ve got my type-rating back with the Mossie :partying_face:

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