Start 'em young ...

'Twas my 40th Bday today :frowning:
But this had a great start, awake, coffee, then a couple of hours of solo playtime OK’d by the other half … no not that sort of play you filthy minded lot :rolleyes:
Gave “the mistress” a good spanking before too much traffic appeared !
On arrival back home, my eldest (4yrs old) wanted in on the act :

Theres nothing like the sound of a howling triple to make you feel a lot younger :slight_smile:

Happy 40th majik :slight_smile:
my 41st tomorrow :slight_smile:

I thought you were younger than me … good to know there’s someone older :roflmao:

No…I just look younger than you :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday Majik!

Well I have had a hard life :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides I dont know about that, as I aint seen any pics … those vespa ones are still proving elusive to find heh ? :roflmao:

Happy Birthday, Majik!!

:slight_smile: Happy birthday, m8:)

40 really?? I ever thought people of that age have more hair:roflmao:

Congrats and best wishes;)


Welcome to 40! Grattis!!

Cheeky git :stuck_out_tongue:

your young Happy birthfday!

Happy birthday old’un :stuck_out_tongue: , good day to have it on as well, traditionally the wives of us British folk ensure DIY is the order of the day for bank holidays but I reckon a birthday must be a golden ticket to a day of freedom. Crikey listen to me as if I’ve been married 20years :eek: 8 years of a relationship and at 26years old has taught me a lot about the married life yet to come (date is next august :o )