Spotting targets with no labels

~S~ All,
So, finally found out how you are meant to spot targets when there are no labels, if you are running a high resolution:
[li]Go to Settings
[/li][li]Go to ‘Gameplay’ tab
[/li][li]Model Enlargement
[/li][li]Set to ‘Large’
This helps aircraft and ground targets to show up at a reasonable distance so you can actually find targets. I’ve had it set to off until this evening. Now I can spot things flying around. It doesn’t do anything once they are up close and personal, it just allows you to spot the dots.


Thanks for the hint OD :ani_beer:
I was already wondering what Model enlargement would do.

This is a very good fing OD!!!

Everytime i try to do a dofight on DCS it’s always a shame and i though i had a so bad SA…infact it could be better!!

Bloody good find, I kept losing Pax the other night and thought it was my graphic settings.