Spotting planes in ROF..again :)

Especially for Splash and Brigs as you were spotting nearly a minute earlier than I was. What are your setup lads. I’m trying to woek out if its a res or nvidia settings??

It’s Spash with the Bionic eyes.

I’m with you Swoop. Didn’t see a thing until Splash called it out and I waited a few precious seconds. I think you and me both said at the time we couldn’t see a thing.
Splash and me have nearly identical setups. 32 inch 1080p LCD panels.

I think a lot of it can be down to the panel set up (sharpness) and seat position (FOV) in RoF.
I fly with my vPilot sat back. When Splash called the bandits I zoomed right in and saw them straight away.
I’m going to try and sit further forward to see if this improves it.

After last nights landing, “Spash” has bionic legs and arms too! :stuck_out_tongue:

And keen premonition of the roll of the Dice. :wink:

the jammy bastish