Spitfire RAB is coming to Norway on Thursday 8th June!


I will be there and record the historic event of Spitfire RR232 in Wing Commander Rolf Arne Bergโ€™s personal paint scheme. RAB was bound to be the leader of the Norwegian air force after the war, he was the most popular and loved by all his men and higher brass. He flew from start to finish, 1941 to 1945, only had a couple leaves and was to head for a long awaited leave. He decided to make one more trip as Wing Commander.

For the first time since 1944 has a Spitfire flown with this unique paint scheme, and is now coming to Norway. Wing Commander Rolf Arne Berg of 132. (N) Wing painted his personal Spitfire in Norwegian pre-war markings. At 20:55 last Saturday, Spitfire RAB flew over the barn in the southwestern part of the town of Eelde, where Rolf Arne Berg was shot down and killed 3rd February of 1945.