Spitfire MKIX new video.


B e l l i s s i m o

Oh boy!

Today’s the day! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Yep, around 03:00 PM or 05:00 PM GMT

Right in time for getting home from work. Will have to remember to check for DCS updates as soon as I get home. :slight_smile:


Neither my 2.0 beta nor the 1.5 have the Spit released…yet :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s twitchy in a turn for me which is a surprise, maybe its my controls, but the P51 is smoother for me. In VR the gunsight keeps flashing/warping, then settles, then does it again. Maybe a graphics glitch.

I wish the damage model was better in this sim, the puffs of smoke when hitting another plane look shite. Basically I rather have a df in SOW than DCS right now. Its like an old arcade game.

The colours are always so washed out in DCS, there must be a graphics pack out there.

CLOD’s visuals have spoilt me and we’ve been having a cracking campaign lately, it just can’t compare. Com’on TF and BOS with VR

Swoop, try pressing Left Ctrl and numpad 1, see if it clears the graphics glitching.

The twitchyness seems to come and go for me, very strange. At my first go it didn’t feel twitchy at all, very nice flying even though I blew my engine soon after take-off. Had a brake and came back to fly it more “for real” and first did a free flight that felt good, followed by a df (2vs2) that also felt good right up until I got hit by the second 190 and decided to bail out. In the bail-out process DCS crashed on me and sent me to the desktop. :frowning:

Checked some mail and started DCS up again, flew the df mission again, but this time my spit felt really twitchy, could hardly manouver without dumping all speed and almost stalling. I really can’t understand what’s making such a difference? I don’t think my plane handling can be all that difference with just a few minutes apart. I don’t think it’s only in the Spit I’ve experienced this, I have had similar impressions with the P-51, I fly it pretty well one time, but the other I might as well mash my controls around like a monkey, nothing seems to work to keep it smooth. :confused:

Mille, try to set the Pitch and Roll control with the Axis Tune. Go in Controls- Spitfire IX- Axis then select the axes for pitch. On the bottom of the window, search Axis Tune and click. When the window opens, move the cursor Curve on the right and set it to 30-35. Then save and close. The same with the Roll axes (set Curve 20) and Rudder axes (curve 20) and try it.

Big thankyou to all. OD that worked a trick on the gunsight, phew, what does Lctrl and 1 do anyway?

Siggy, I changed the curve on Pitch to 30, roll and rudder to 20. A lot less twitchy now, big thanks to you and Cappe!! :slight_smile: Haven’t tried adjusting the FF tune yet, I’m guessing this is to reduce the stall shake?

Found that by staying at 2800 rpm prop and flicking the auto rad switch down by the left side of the seat, I was able to have a very enjoyable fight with the two 190 without frying the and over reving the engine. Now the gunsight is working properly in VR, it makes a hell of lot difference to the fun factor.

Time to start mapping keys properly, still can’t get my CH rudder pedals Y axis to be recognised as brakes, but works in the CH manager.

Happy you like the tips. About the brakes, I set a button on my joy for them, I have the Saitek rudder pedals, and works fine with the P-51 separated brakes, but for the Spit I prefer a button for them. Is the better solution for me.

And Yes, the FF Tune is for to set the shake.