Spitfire change rudder trim speed

The rudder trim speed in my opinion is too fast on the spitfire, you can change it by editing 2 simple values in the file DCS World\Mods\aircraft\SpitfireLFMkIX\Input\SpitfireLFMkIX\joystick\default.lua
you will need to edit again the file after an update.

look for this 2 rows and replace the bolded text “1.0” to “0.1”

– Rudder Trim Wheel
{ down = device_commands.Button_45, up = device_commands.Button_45, cockpit_device_id = devices.CONTROLS, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _(‘Input.SpitfireLFMkIX.trim_rudder_minus’), category = _(‘Flight Control’)},
{ down = device_commands.Button_47, up = device_commands.Button_47, cockpit_device_id = devices.CONTROLS, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _(‘Input.SpitfireLFMkIX.trim_rudder_plus’), category = _(‘Flight Control’)},

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With “The rudder trim speed” you mean the speed you can rotate the TRIM wheel while in the cockpit???

Yes, it’s the wheel that says “Rudder” on it behind and to the left of the Elevator trim wheel.

yes, right now if you assign the trim to a button and you press it the rotation of the trim is too fast, with this mod it is more slow and you will not see your spit swinging left and right while trimming

Great find ty Finch!

Added the tags

I’ll link this thread to 51 DCS warbirbds setup sticky!

That’s strange… I never had problems until now… I found that if you put the “name” Rudder on the wheel at 12 'o clock, you have a good setting… ( The key have to be pressed for a split second every time ) :grin:

the spitfire needs to be trimmed everytime you change your power if you want to fly straight

For this purpose we have pedals…For all kind of planes, 109 first… :grin:

what are you talking about? the trims are for fine adjustments and let the plane fly hands off. With your affermation you can also remove the vertical trim because you have the stick right??

I flew aerobatics with a CAP 10 , a stage with Aldo Locatelli and Diego Nardi…
We had to use pedals in every second of the flight…
The main problem, is that with simulators, we can’t feel physycally the yaw of the plane…

Well i tend to agree to Finch! I think the trims are made for pilot comfort and to ease pilot workload when forces are too hard (dive recovery? as told by Clostermann)
i’m not a pilot but i imagine Aerobatics requires constant change of speed, asset and engine settings and so immediate and constant corrections so mainly stick and rudder…

Having a more fine tune over Spitfire trim is a welcome addition IMHO…

If you fly level, straight and at a constant speed you can trim the plane to reduce workload of course…
But in combat, all parameters change rapidly…
But ok, I’m relatively new on flight simulators so escuse me

@Finch_EAF51 This is normal, rudder trim is related not only to speed, but also power applied, with so much power and torque you’ll need to adjust the trim consequently, this is absolutely normal.

Think about climbing 2000ft/min at 2600 +8 boost…once you trimmed the spitfire, apply +16 and 3000…keep climbing 2600f/min, you’ll need to change rudder and elevator trim settings.

in combat i don’t give a S****T about trimming!

Perfect (coordinated) flying never killed an enemy :wink:
i think it’s a quote from fighter pilot book!

but war is not only combat!

if i lead a formation to and from combat and i don’t trim the plane before checking the map i could start to wave and make impossible for tail end Charlie to keep up the formation! (think what happens if we get attacked right when we are scattered…!)
So yes coordinated trimmed flying is also important!

You just need to know when to trim and when not to!

So Bud Anderson is a donkey when he speak about the ball well centered, in his combat story
We are talking about different things

No we are saying the same thing!

Try to avoid skidding the plane either by trim (level flying) or controls (when changing plane asset fast - combat aerobatic)

But you can’t fly always perfect!
Personally in combat i look more to the results than “flying beautifully” so if i need to skid to take a shot or make an enemy overshoot me, so be it!


Her’s another one

And a pilot with 8 kills in the bob 5 of wich 109s scored with an inferior hurricane used to fly with an offset trim!

So yes there are many way to fly and fight!

In energy fighting the smoother you fly the better!

In angle fighting even if you are not perfect trimmed sometimes you can get a kill!

In the middle you have all the shades and personal styles!

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I confirm loudly: “We are talking about different things”… :rofl::rofl::rofl:
( There are a lot of limits on a written chat)
After all, a poor pilot under training, could risk very very VERY much, if he contradicts his Wing Commander…:smirk:

I tend to set a level of trim that I am happy with and stick with it through that speed band; until it gets properly out of shape and starting rolling or crabbing when I don’t want it to. I don’t change it in combat, I’m a bit busy to be monitoring it and it’ll be changing non-stop as I do all the different turns and climbs and run out of airspeed.

As above I tend to have the “Rudder” text at 12 o’clock and use that as a guide point. If I am cruising to or from somewhere, on a point to point basis, I will make sure the trim is pretty good so that I can be hands off; just in case. I also have my elevator trim on an Axis so that it is more finely adjustable.

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Rudder trim for a wingman is always useful to try and keep up with leaders who fly full bore ! Flying crab slows the plane down a lot. Regarding speed of trim, I will test the mod, but in my spit controls kit I already added reduction gears to both rudder and aileron trim. Initially I found that the scale elevator trim wheel control was extremely sensitive so I have put quit a big reducion gear ratio on it to give smooth control.