Spitfire Aces

I recently got a copy of the Discovery Channel series named “Spitfire Aces”.
It is a series of four episodes, about 40 minutes each.
It is telling two parallel stories: on one side the Spitfire story during the BoB, and on the other side the story of four young pilots nowadays, competing in a contest in order to have the opportunity to fly nine hours training on a Spitfire (Grace’s two seat Spitfire Mk IX) as the young RAF pilots did in 1940 before being trow into the battle. The titles of the four episodes are the following:

  1. The first of the few
  2. Dogfight
  3. Command and Control
  4. The Greatest days

Nice interesting series, with personal accounts of RAF veterans, and a lot of good historical footage. Moreover is also showing a lot of good images of the Duxford Spitfires flying nowadays.

Getting it is quite easy, if you have a good internet connection.
Load a Torrent client (I am using uTorrent - http://www.utorrent.com/ )
Than use a Torrent search engine (I reccommand YouTorrent 1.7.7. - http://www.youtorrent.com/) in order to find it.
If you have a good Internet connection you can get all the four movies in relatively short time. Have fun!

Thanks for the info Bear!
Will surely have a look

Thanks a lot, Bear!

I was watching this collection when stag6 broke down and I’m very happy to finally be able to watch the remains!:smiley: