Spare £1.5million?

Looks like Classic’s Dad is selling his Spit, anyone got any spare change??

The cheque is in the post :roflmao:

I’ll take two :slight_smile:

Would make a dream come true


It should be pointed out that this Spitfire is not my dads :slight_smile:

Bruce Ellis is chief engineer for Classic Aero Engineering, he is indeed my dad and yes I work with him at Classic Aero Engineering, with the not so glorious title of engineer along with 3 1/2 other engineers.

The owner of the Spitfire is the late Paul Portelli who sadly passed away before his Spitfire could fly, now the executors of the will are carving up the estate and the Spitfire is to be sold at auction.

have no fear… when I win Euro millions this weekend I’ll give it a good home! :slight_smile:

Basically, I was thinking the same thing :roflmao:

But hey it’s two-seater, so we can pay half of the price each… :cool: