Sound Mod Pack

Hi Chaps.

I installed this today; Its a sound mod pack that apparently is compatible with all versions of IL2

Although it can replace the stock sounds in 4.101 as well, I only installed in it HSFX5 and UP3RC4 as it is easily switched on & off with the JSGME.

Some of the sounds are incredible ( Especially the Tiffy…Merry Xmas Splash :smiley: )



Great link Charlie!
Installed on my Test Ultr@Pack and…
…when I attacked the bombers and gunners bullets shot me on the fuselage I lowered my head:eek:
Ouch that’s real!!!

Well I installed it on my HFX 5.0 Install and its made no difference

Followed the install instructions activated it through JSGME

nothing doing, can anyone help ?

Link please!?
I don’t dare installing somthing I can’t disable with a click :wink:

Download from Charlie’s link and follow the instructions you can easily find.
I preferred to install it on UP and it runs very well.
Starfire, after installing it you can enable or disable from JSGME: it’s easy!

Nice find Charlie

downloaded and installed…feck me wow:banana: