Sorry Jimmi

Sorry buddy. But I had my wife breathing down my neck and my daughter trying to sleep, so I couldn’t chat tonight. Was trying to run a memory test, but couldn’t get it to work. I have cleaned up my PC, installed another 120mm fan, updated the Bios, so I hope that the computer will be more stable now and not crash anymore. We will see tomorrow night during the SEOW. Fingers crossed. I will see you tomorrow for our fight and after the SEOW if we feel up to it we can just fool around on a server. Hopefully with some more EAF pilots.

Good night.

NP mate!


Next three days

with russel crowe!

Great Movie!!!

Is this a new release from Crowe? If not, then I will download and watch.

Sorry wrong title

it’s the Next three days

Really really 2010 cool film!

Guardatelo lo consiglio a tutti!

Is this the one when she is a secret service agent? It’s a political thriller? Then it’s an excellent film…I will have to see it again I think.

no he’s an hausband with the wife in jail, and he tryes to make her evade!

Really really well done! And not the usual film!