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I already knew the story, Hiaw… and I really look forward to see the movie as soon it will be out in Italy. I heard the movie won the Silver Bear at Berlin Film Festival.

The squeare in front of the Munchen University is is dedicated to the Scholl brothers.

Some of my friends made an exhibition in Munich, named “Die Weisse Rose - Gesichter einer Freundschaft”. I got copy of the exhibition catalogue. It is written obviously in German (I do not speak German, but my whife does: she is a teacher of German langiuage at the upper school in Milano).

The director of the exhibition knows my whife by letter. If you are interested in having a copy of the booklet you can contact him. You can mention me (tell him you know the husband of his italian friend Flavia):

Dr. Franz Reimer, Kulturinitiative e.V., Schwarzwaldstr. 121, 79117 Freiburg
(have a look at the website: it is in German)