Something we are preparing...😁

Nelle prossime settimane, faremo delle prove su uno dei nostri server e allestiremo una serata particolare… @51Squadron @41wing @SIG_Webber

Aperto a tutti e reso pubblico il testing!

Over the next few weeks, we will be testing completely open to everyone, in one of our servers, to set up a special and fun evening…


If you need more hints…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Coooolllll :sunglasses:

Minute 1.50 just to understand how fast and how low they fly!!

For us, best plane for this job is the TF51 Mustang

Giusto per avere un’idea di quanto vicini, veloci e bassi volano durante la gara vera e propria, CHE FIGATA!

Per noi il miglior pretendente è il TF51, basta copiare i comandi del P51 normale e siete a posto.

Figo! Ma perché non il 51 standard?

Il TF51 ce l’hanno tutti…

E poi è civile. E’ più “realistico” per queste cose in effetti :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Under bridges too? Through a hanger?

Niente armi, niente blindature, è più leggero e veloce e poi appunto è il modulo che letteralmente tutti hanno!

@EAF_OldBoy_Rob it will a pylon race circuit with other planes, low level, with clock working and other planes around with you at the same time, so no stunts :joy: we already done it once, couple of years ago, with full timing for each plane and also penalties. It was, we want to develop and propose it again with a little bit more advanced way.

Something like, 2 weeks of persistent mission running to try and learn the course…a booking phase and the qualification and race evening.

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Italians going fast!! :wink:

Looks fun Cappe and I don’t think i’ve tried Pylon racing yet.

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count me in